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Miss Ashley

Ashley Brigeman is a licensed speech-language pathologist who brings passion and creativity to speech and language therapy sessions. She believes in providing therapy services that are individualized, functional, motivational and collaborative. Ashley is dedicated in creating meaningful relationships with her clients and their families throughout the therapeutic process. She has experience working in a variety of pediatric settings (Monarch Center for Autism, public schools and private practice), including supporting children with speech and language delays, motor planning disorders (childhood apraxia of speech), fluency disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ashley has a passion for Childhood Apraxia of speech (CAS), and is dedicated to helping those affected grow into successful, independent communicators. While in graduate school, she co-presented at the Ohio Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention on Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Since that time, she has continued her education to stay current with research supporting CAS and is recognized by Apraxia Kids.  Ashley recently attended the 2021 Apraxia Kids National Conference which is the only major conference on the speech, language, learning, and life needs of children with apraxia.

Ashley received her Master of Arts degree in Speech Language Pathology from Kent State University.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys.

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Miss Laurel

Laurel Barnett is a licensed occupational therapist who is passionate about providing functional and enjoyable therapy sessions to the pediatric population.  Laurel is skilled in assessing and treating the pediatric population in sensory processing, fine and visual motor skills, as well as daily living skills.  She is experienced in working with a wide range of ages, feeding development, and diagnoses including early intervention.  She provides individualized and specific occupational therapy treatments that are holistic, meaningful, and fun.  She is so happy to partner with Little Big and LOUD to focus on another facet in the development of the whole child.

She received her Master of Science degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, where she gained skills in providing purposeful occupational therapy services for all populations.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family.

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Miss Millie

Millie Keathley is a speech-language pathologist who seeks to provide functional, client-centered therapy to the pediatric population. She believes that therapy should be both evidence-based and enjoyable! Millie received her degree from East Tennessee State University where she was provided invaluable clinical experiences working with a variety of speech and language disorders in both the pediatric and adult populations. Something that Millie loves about Little Big and LOUD is the cultivation of community and meaningful relationships between clients, their families, and their therapists.

In her spare time, she loves to read, stay active, and be with her husband, friends and family.  

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Miss Abby

Abigail Mynatt is a speech-language pathologist who has experience in assessing and providing speech and language intervention for the pediatric population. Miss Abby’s goal is to build meaningful relationships with her clients and their families to ensure everyone receives the best care possible. Miss Abby is a Knoxville native, who received her degree from University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Throughout her education, she gained experience working with a variety of populations, but realized her passion is working with children.  Miss Abby is so excited to be a part of the Little Big and LOUD family!

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Miss Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a licensed Occupational Therapist who is passionate about celebrating our unique differences and growing to our fullest potential.  She feels therapy should be strength based, child led, and fun!  Her approach is always trauma informed and neurodiversity affirming.
Gabrielle is skilled in assessing and treating the pediatric population using individualized sensory integration and emotional regulation strategies to help kids feel safe and connected in their environment.  She uses children's special interests to intrinsically motivate daily living development and enhanced quality of life.
Gabrielle loves to spend her time hiking new trails, traveling to new places, relaxing on the lake, and spending time with her boyfriend, family, and friends.  She feels so grateful to be a part of Little Big and LOUD!

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Miss Sara

Sara Stomps is a speech-language pathologist who provides individualized, holistic, and relationship-driven therapy to the pediatric population. She enjoys connecting with her clients by amplifying their voices, highlighting their strengths, and following their lead throughout her sessions. She prioritizes family-centered and collaborative care for speech and language assessment and intervention.

Sara graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she received specialized training related to autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities as a Project CASTLE (Clinical Assessment, Screening, Treatment, and Leadership in Evidence-based Practices for Children with Autism) and LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities) trainee. Sara looks forward to using this training as a member of the Little Big and LOUD team!

In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time with husband, daughter, and dog, Georgia.

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Miss Amanda

Amanda Mallery is thrilled to join the team at Little Big and LOUD.  She has degrees in both elementary education and special education and has been a general ed/special ed teacher for over 17 years.  Her last 11 years have been in Anderson County teaching at Claxton Elementary.

Amanda will be heading up the business side of LBL as well as continuing to manage our website, blog, and social media presence.  

In her spare time, Amanda writes for Knoxville Moms and raises her 3 wild boys with her husband KJ.

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Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy services provided in person at our office in Powell as well as virtually. Conveniently located within Anderson County, on the Knox County border.

105 Fellowship Ln

Powell, TN 37849

Call or Text: (865) 213-2844

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