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Hey There, Pumpkin!

Need a few therapy ideas for your little ones using pumpkins? Today we are sharing two seasonal games that you can use with your own little pumpkins. There's nothing cuter than the tiny pumpkins you see at the grocery store, or your local pumpkin patch so start with letting your child pick out his pumpkin of choice for the game! Picking out pumpkins easily lends itself to great conversations with your child. What color are they? Are they big or small? Bumpy or smooth? Solid colored or multicolored? Heavy or light? The possibilities are endless! Once you've gotten home with your pumpkin haul, let the games begin!

Game #1: Pass the Pumpkin

Form a circle on the floor leaving enough space between people to easily pass the pumpkin from person to person.

Identify the pumpkin by saying "I have a pumpkin! Let's play Pass the Pumpkin!"

Explain the rules by saying "Here's how we play. We are going to pass the pumpkin around our circle while we sing a pumpkin song! When it's your turn, take the pumpkin from your friend, and then hand it to the next friend sitting beside you. Are you ready? Let's play!"

Begin the game as you sing these words to the tune of "Frere Jacques" or "Are You Sleeping?"

Pass the pumpkin, pass the pumpkin.

All around. All around.

Fall is coming. Fall is coming.

To our town. To our town.

If you know a child may struggle with passing the pumpkin, be prepared to step in and provide assistance. If a child simply struggles with "sharing" the pumpkin, sit him next to an adult (like mom!) that he's more likely to pass the pumpkin to. You can also have children sit in the laps of an adult, so they have hands on help with passing the pumpkin.

Game #2: Pumpkin Roll

In this game, a child rolls the pumpkin to someone seated across from him. Introduce the game by saying "Let's play a new game! Let's roll pumpkins to our friends!"

As you are playing, verbalize what you are doing. "I roll the pumpkin to ____!" or even something easier like "Roll it to Mommy!" It's always a great idea to model the game for the children by rolling the pumpkin between two adults so they can see the appropriate way to roll the pumpkin.

Another variation of this game, depending on the age of the kids and the size of the pumpkin, is Hot Potato (or Hot Pumpkin, in this case). Play some festive fall music and toss that pumpkin around until the music stops and see who is left holding the pumpkin!

Fall is such a beautiful season to celebrate! Regardless of the game or activity, making memories this season is what's important. Always remember that the most important pumpkins are the little ones in your own patch.

Happy fall from your LBL family!

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