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Thankful for the little things, the big things, and the LOUD things.

Even in the busyness of the holiday season, we do somehow manage to find the time to pause, look around, and be grateful for the things that we have. We wanted to share what we are thankful for in the hope that it inspires others to take the time to reflect on the things in your life that you are thankful for. Whether they are big things, little things, or loud things, we can be grateful!

Ashley, our fearless leader, is so thankful for the ability she has been given to help her LBL "babies" find their voice and for the amazing team of co-workers that allow her to accomplish this. She is grateful for the LBL families that trust us with the care of the most important people in their lives, and for her own family's support, love and guidance.

Laurel, our resident "Buddy the Elf" is thankful for her family, working with "her girls" (co-workers), getting to play with her friends (her LBL kids), and the fact that CHRISTMAS IS GETTING CLOSER EVERY DAY.

Millie, our resident snacker, is thankful for her health, her family and husband, her church, the yummy food she will eat this week and all the great people (coworkers, little friends, and parents) that LBL has brought her.

Abigail, our resident Stanley cup lover, is thankful that she gets to work with her best friends every day. She is grateful to spend time with her family during the holidays and wanted to add as a side note that she is thankful for naps, nice candles, and....her Stanley cup.

Gabby, our resident nature lover, is most thankful for her parents that always support her dreams and guide her through life’s challenges. She is thankful for her younger brothers that continue to cheer her on and keep her laughing. She is thankful for a love that lifts her up and gives her hope for the future. She is thankful for her dogs and their unlimited snuggles. She is beyond grateful to God for surrounding her with such a loving family.

Amanda, our resident mother figure, is so very thankful for a job she loves coming to every single day and to work alongside women and families who inspire. She is grateful for the smiles and hugs from the LBL kids, and she is definitely grateful for a full and busy life at where she loves being the QUEEN to all her boys.

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