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Is My 2 Year Old (gasp).....Behind?

From the moment our bundle of joy is born, the questioning in our mind begins. Is he crying enough? Is she eating enough? Why isn't she sleeping through the night like my friend's baby? Will he walk when he's supposed to? What if she's still not talking in complete sentences? And the list goes on and on and on.....

Common sense tells us that children are all different so their milestones will be different too, right? But that's not easy when you are the parent wondering if your child is behind.

Your child's 2nd year of life is a big one developmentally! Here are some things to look for with your child during year 2 and some ideas to help if you aren't seeing these things!

*Imitates drawing vertical and horizontal lines for pre-writing skills.

**Get out that old sketch pad and pencil and draw some stick figures with your child!

*Stacking block towers with 6+ blocks for fine and visual motor skills.

**Have a block tower building competition! Laugh like crazy when it falls over.

*Using a spoon proficiently to eat without spillage.

**Model, model, model during family dinners. Make eating a special time of day.

*Has excitement to play with other kids.

**Set up these play opportunities for your kids. If you are at a park, help your child introduce himself to another child so they can play! Kids aren't picky!

*Starts holding a crayon with thumb and fingers vs. a fisted grasp.

**Begin to transition from the round "first year crayons" to the traditional crayons. Have a coloring contest and model good crayon grip.

Most of these skills can be acquired by our children by simply HAVING FUN and PLAYING with them! Fun = Learning! I guarantee your child won't be the only one having a good time.

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