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Two Last Minute Halloween Tips

Here are two last minute reminders and tips to help make tonight a successful one!

  • If your child doesn't do well with costumes, make sure any kind of triggers (such as tags, sleeve length, itchy fabric, etc.) are solved prior to putting it on. Another idea is to just go with a simple costume to maximize the fun and decrease the meltdowns. For example: a loose dress can be a princess gown and a certain color shirt can represent an animal. It's all about fun and fun can still be had with simple costumes or no costumes at all!

  • If your child simply doesn't want to go trick or treating because it feels too overwhelming, try trick or treating on a smaller scale by knocking on all the doors in your home where family members or friends provide candy. Another idea is to do a family scavenger hunt inside or outside to get that Halloween candy!

Above all, be safe, have fun and DON'T FORGET THE PARENT TAX ON THEIR CANDY!

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